5 Tools To Effectively Manage Your Campaign

Brainstorming ideas. Changing the world. Putting your passion for the world to see to make your dream a reality.

There’s a lot of glamour campaigning. But often the difference between falling short and exceeding your goal isn’t the strength of your idea, or how many people it will impact. Rather, it is is a well-managed campaign where all tasks and responsibilities are easily laid out. It’s one thing having the next big idea that changes the world…it’s something else entirely to be able to methodologically plan and action your ideas into a well-organised campaign capable of receiving funds.

Luckily for us, there are excellent tools out there, free of charge, which can make a massive difference to your campaign success. We’ve put together five recommendations of services that will benefit your campaign management including any notable differences between them.

  1. Trello (https://trello.com)

Trello’s biggest selling point is its simple, aesthetically pleasing and user friendly platform. Trello allows you to plan out every step of your campaign alongside your whole team. Create roles, assign tasks, manage checklists, upload files…Trello offers the required services to manage your campaign.

You can check out our draft board here to see how Trello can unlock the potential of your idea.

2. Wrike (https://www.wrike.com)

Wrike is another management tool that is different from Trello’s more simplistic style when it comes to paid options. Wrike’s subscription model includes features such as time tracking, resource management, task reporting, dynamic timelines and analytics. If you prefer a more sophisticated experience, Wrike may be the correct choice for you.

3. Asana (https://asana.com)

Asana’s selling point in comparison to its competitors is the collaboration and communication tools on offer. The message board structure of the platform allows you to centralise communication regarding tasks on one website so nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Asana also offers calendar views to visualise your campaign’s ideal progression.

4. Avaza (https://www.avaza.com)

Avaza is an excellent option if you are hiring freelancers (click here for a list of freelancers!). Avaza allows you to share with third-parties, track hours spent on both projects and tasks and receive timely updates.

5. Meistertask (https://www.meistertask.com)

Meistertask is very similar to Trello in organising tasks into cards and lists, but it also comes with Mindmeister integration. You will be able to not only brainstorm potential campaign ideas, but have the resources at hand to lay out a plan to create them all on the same platform.

These are five of many similar tools to make your campaign more effective. Whatever you choose, your odds of success WILL increase by having clear tasks, roles and responsibilities amongst the team.

Good luck campaigning!

Article by Dhruv Saggar. He is a growth team intern at StartSomeGood who is passionate about social justice and wants to play his part to ensure a better future for everyone.

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