An Interview with the “Support Literacy Books for Papua New Guinea” Campaign

We spoke to Tanya Curtis and Desiree Delaloye, the organizers of the Support Literacy Books for Papua New Guinea Campaign. We asked them a few questions about the inspiration behind the campaign, the challenges, why they decided to crowd fund, and their advice to others out there who want to make a positive impact.

Where did you get the original inspiration for your project?

A Gold Coast Grandmother, Roberta Himing first fell in love with the books published by SunLight Ink Publishing. One day she was driving the highway and saw a truck that had Books4PNG written on it. She went home and researched this company and realised they are an organisation that collects books for literacy programs to share with the people of Papua New Guinea. Roberta initiated a local program to collect means of donating 90 books to Books4PNG. These books were delivered to Papua New Guinea by Heather from books4PNG and Roberta also hand delivered some herself. Once in PNG the books were discovered by Unicef and the Ginigoada foundation — they also fell in love with the books, connecting to the powerful message within each book. The Ginigoada foundation made contact requesting 1500 books in order to offer students a copy of the books as they learn to read while equally receiving a foundation to support their well being moving forward.

What was the hardest aspect about starting a project?

The biggest challenge was simply finding the time to initiate the projects as a result of a very full schedule.

Why did you decide to crowd fund?

When The Ginigoada Foundation made contact for their request, it was clear there was a very solid purpose for what they were asking … the purpose was without a doubt very much in line with Sunlight Ink Publishing — offering a solid foundation for children to grow and expand from. SunLight Ink Publishing is a small self publishing house and it was not in our means to donate the requested 1500 books — thus the crowdfunding. Crowdfunding also allows other people to also get involved in such a worth wile project, with any amount they feel to pledge, which they otherwise couldn’t.

What does ultimate success look like for you and your project?

That children and adult within PNG are offered the SunLight Ink books to support with their educational foundation as well as material to support the psychological wellbeing.

What would be your one piece of advice for people who want to make a positive impact?

We urge people to follow their innermost heart as it is the source of their true wisdom.

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