Interview: Karmacise- the path to self realisation

We asked the project creator of Karmacise a few questions about the inspiration behind the project, the challenges and their insights in running a crowdfunding campaign. Here is what they had to say,

1.Where did you get the original inspiration for your project?

I have been studying philosophy (albeit in my spare time as a hobby) for many years now, reading around various texts and doctrines, including Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Islam, etc… and came to the conclusion that they are all saying the same thing just saying it in different ways. Furthermore, I noticed that the ‘new thought movement’ i.e. that which includes The Law of Attraction, has been gaining momentum for some years now, albeit in a non-structured way. Finally I noticed that no one was pulling all this together and that as a species we seem to be driven by EGO centric desires, at the expense of our planet, those around us and indeed our own happiness. So I decided to change it. Karmacise was created to pull all the above into a single movement, one that is focused on the important things and a movement which helps people understand who they are and what drives them.
My Dad died of Cancer 2 years ago and I was in the room with him when he passed. I was looking at him the moment he transcended from his physical form and I just couldn’t see the logic in one moment being there and another not. I know we’re all energy based beings and also know that energy cannot be destroyed, simple transforms, so knew we must work in this life to help us take with us the information we need to the next life to return, if that’s our choice to do so, in a more enlightened existence. I could go on for hours about how this happens, but that’s probably for another day.

2.What was the hardest aspect of starting a project?

Getting people to take me seriously! This is a huge project, changing the world isn’t going to be easy and I doubt it will happen in my lifetime. However, every journey begins with a single step, so I took that step to create Karmacise. Let’s not forget, this has been done before so I’m only standing on the shoulders of giants such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, etc…. If they did it, why can’t I?

3.Why did you decide to crowdfund?

Funding the development of the project was not easy, for the reasons mentioned above and also because the intention is not to make money. Finding business capital when there’s no structured way to show a return on investment isn’t an option, so your site was perfect. Development of a ‘game based’ app will, I believe, help quickly spread the message and in particular to young people who, after all, are our future!

4.What does ultimate success look like for you and your project?

Having many millions of people, around the world, living the Karmacise way.

5.How are you keeping the momentum for your project going?

I have over 20,000 in my network and that’s growing daily, daily updates and posts on various social media sites, with a meetup group being formed in January 2018.

6. Why did you choose StartSomeGood as your partner?

It seemed like the perfect fit for my campaign.

7. What kind of support do you think that changemakers in your community need?

Being able to obtain advice, funding and support for such projects.

8. What would be your one piece of advice for people who want to make a positive impact?

Just do it!

9. What are you enjoying the most about StartSomeGood?

Keeping in touch to try and push my campaign out there and the way you seem to support the project, it’s wonderful so thanks!

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