The #StartingGood Summit presents the Next Steps Package

The tools and training you need to launch your social enterprise this year + lifetime access to #StartingGood videos!

The #StartingGood Summit took place place March 20–31 and featured 27 sessions, many live, from some of the most inspiring and insightful entrepreneurs, academics and trainers in the world, all designed to help early-stage and aspiring social entrepreneurs to gain the ideas, skills and confidence to change the world, hosted by social change crowdfunding platform StartSomeGood.

We had 20 founders of social impact organisations speaking, including Get Storied, Thankyou group, Social Change Central, Digital Storytellers, Good Startups, DoGooder, Syfte, Fashion Revolution, Pollinate Energy, Rank & File Magazine, StartSomeGood, Creating the Future and more! We had two New York Times best selling authors, Clay Shirky and Joel Comm, and the “godfather of social entrepreneurship” Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka.

Topics included:

  • Daniel Flynn, co-founder of Thank You Group, on his story of founding Thank You Water;
  • Em Havens from IDEO U on building learning communities;
  • Dave Gravina from Future Friendly on the acquisition of his social enterprise last year;
  • Luke Terry from Vanguard Laundry on how he raised $6 million to launch his;
  • Natasha Akib from Digital Storytellers presenting their “stories for change” canvas;
  • Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody and Cognitive Surplus, on how technology is changing politics;
  • Justin Milano, co-founder of Good Startups, on overcoming fear;
  • Dora Nikols, founder of Social Mission, an ethical PR agency, on gaining media for your social enterprise;
  • Tony Loyd on the top 10 pieces of advice he received from speaking to over 150 social entrepreneurs for The Social Entrepreneurship Podcast;
  • Hildy Gottleib from Creating the Future on how changing the questions you ask can change everything and;
  • Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka, on the next paradigm shift that’s coming.

Now we’re giving everyone the chance to secure lifetime access to this unique content and, if you register in May, so much more!

Introducing: The Next Steps Package — What you need to start good!

The #StartingGood Summit was all about starting good so in addition to giving you the chance to purchase lifetime access to the content we’ve gathered together a range of special offers and opportunities from Summit partners and friends to help you get out there and start or grow your own project to make a difference!

There are two packages available as upgrades to the #StartingGood content, available now at

The Next Steps Package — $50 for $660 USD worth of value — Access this by using the code NEXTSTEPS50 to discount the price to $50 (or just click on this link for it to be added automatically);


The Giant Leap Package — $95 for $858 USD worth of value — Access this by using the code GIANTLEAP95 (click on this link for it to be added automatically).

Once you purchase the course, at the level of your choosing, you will gain immediate access to the videos and we will be in touch with the codes and links to claim your other goodies.

NB: These packages are only on sale until May 31! At that point the cost of access to these videos alone will be $50 USD. So if you act now, everything else is free!

Pay it forward to your future self, grab this great offer!

Details of what’s in the packages:


Most Importantly: Lifetime access to #StartingGood 2017 content!

26 videos covering almost everything you need to know to start good in the world, from fundraising to overcoming fear, storytelling to social enterprise business models, the political impacts of technology to personal sustainability and so much more. This is your chance to see the sessions you missed and go back to the ones you loved, and tap back into this rich collection of insights and advice whenever you need it.

Value $Priceless!

Offer from StartSomeGood: 100% off Crowdfunding for Good online masterclass

If you are planning or interested in using crowdfunding to fuel a non-profit, social enterprise, community project or cause, this is the course for you!

Brought to you by the social impact crowdfunding experts at StartSomeGood (ahem, us!), this course will cover everything you need to know to design and launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. We have worked with thousands of projects and have one of the best success rates in the industry, so we know what works.

Value $50 USD

Offer from Fitzroy Academy: 6 months free membership

Fitzroy Academy is online courses for social impact people.

They offer affordable online lessons and tools. For both new and old social purpose mobs, the basics generally create a huge impact: UX, lean, agile. Business basics. Fitzroy Academy find the best teachers in the world and make world-class lessons, paired with good pedagogy and great tech. Their students come from 203 cities on earth and growing.

Value $40 USD

Offer from Get Storied: 50% off The New About Me Program

The New About Me is an online toolkit which teaches you step-by-step how to tell and share your personal story — without the need for bragging, boasting, or hiding. You’ll emerge with a new bio story to use on your “About” page, LinkedIn, Facebook, and anywhere you need to talk about you.

Value $148.50 USD

Offer from Good Startups: 25% off their Breakthrough Program and Peer Groups

Good Startups is a coaching and e-learning company fueled by cutting edge science and philosophy. We believe that entrepreneurship, wellbeing, and impact can co-exist. For this reason we have created a suite of products and services that are designed to help you scale yourself, from the inside out. The pleasurable side effect is an acceleration of your company.

  • Breakthrough Program — 25% off normal price (the chance to learn how to expand time and transform fear alongside top entrepreneurs and venture capitalists around the world) – Value $112.50 USD
  • Peer Groups — 25% off monthly costs. Get together with six non-competitive founders at similar stages of developement to learn from each other’s experiences, facilitated by a senior Good Startups coach — Value $50 USD/month.

Offer from Social Change Central: 20% off 1 year membership

Australia’s premier portal for social enterprise opportunities. From funding to exposure. We connect Australian changemakers to the best collection of social impact opportunities across the world.

Value: $9 USD

Offer from StartSomeGood: Get your $50 back when you launch a crowdfunding campaign

We are all about helping social innovators make a difference and we’d love to help you launch or grow your project with a crowdfunding campaign on StartSomeGood! If you launch a campaign by the end of August we will pledge the $50 you spend on this package right back to your campaign to help you get off the mark! Which would then make everything else you’re getting free! Pretty sweet deal imho.

$710 USD ($958 AUD) worth of value for just $50!

Are you in?


In addition to everything in the Next Steps 50 package, you also receive:

Offer from Social Change Central: 1 year’s premium membership

Australia’s premier portal for social enterprise opportunities. From funding to exposure. We connect Australian changemakers to the best collection of social impact opportunities across the world.

Value: $38 USD

Offer from Radical Self Care Project: $100 AUD off next Radical Self Care Project 28 day live program (women only)

In this powerful 28 day, group-based course loved by more than 500 participants so far, you will engage in daily mediation; the foundation on which to build your radical self-care practice — Pack your “Self-Care Medicine Bag” — Identify your obstacles to practicing self-care so you can more consciously create a self-care ‘habit’ and live a life that aligns with your heart’s desires!

Value: $75 USD

Offer from StartSomeGood: 30 minutes consultation on your social enterprise idea, fundraising pitch or crowdfunding plans with StartSomeGood co-founder and CEO Tom Dawkins

Tom Dawkins is co-Founder and CEO of StartSomeGood, a crowdfunding platform for social enterprises, non-profits and changemakers initiatives globally with the highest project success rate in the industry. He was previously the founder of Australian youth non-profit Vibewire, the first Social Media Director at Ashoka in Washington DC and the founding Director of the Australian Changemakers Festival. He has worked with numerous non-profits, governments and arts organisations to better engage communities using technology and been recognised with awards and Fellowships from the World Summit Youth Awards, International Youth Foundation, Nexus Summit, Future Summit and the Australian and New Zealand Internet Awards.

Value: $85 USD

TOTAL = $908 USD ($1,225 AUD) worth of value for $95!

Let’s make 2017 a year for starting good! Grab your Next Steps package today at Udemy using the codes above.

Let’s change the world together!