This Week in Social Entrepreneurship: Challenges, Events, News, Interviews and More!

June 30, 2017

Opportunities and Events

Fledge11- Barcelona 2017

Want to truly make the world a better place? Through business! Doing good while doing well? Eager to know how to be the best entrepreneur you can be? There are just three weeks left to apply to Fledge11, our first is Barcelona, Spain. This is a 10-week program, with an entrepreneurship curriculum, and a 450+ person mentor network. All entrepreneurs globally are welcome to apply.

Momentum For Change Lighthouse Activity — Bonn, Germany

If your institution has successfully implemented a project, initiative, program or other activity that addresses climate change mitigation or adaptation. Momentum For Change would like to hear about it. Selected activities will be recognised as Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activities and showcased at a series of special events during the United Nations Climate Change Conference this November in Bonn, Germany. Additionally, your Lighthouse Activity will be highlighted through various media channels, providing a unique chance to gain international visibility and recognition.

Challenge: Sustainable Urban Communities

Solve welcomes solutions from innovators around the world that: Produce drinkable water or healthy food near the point of consumption in resource- and cost-efficient manners, that extend, monitor, and maintain infrastructure for supplying water to urban neighborhoods, or improve urban supply chains and equitable market access for nutritious low-carbon food. Submission deadline is on the 1st of August 2017.

Pollination Project Invites Applications from Social Entrepreneurs for Seed Grants

The Pollination Project is accepting applications from individuals for projects in the areas of arts and culture, community health and wellness, the environment, and justice. To be eligible, applicants must be a passionate, committed individual with a social change vision that fits within one or more of our categories above.

Up Together Business and Entrepreneurship Conference- Plano, TX (14–15 July)

The Up Together Conference is a 2-day event that empowers entrepreneurs and business professionals with the information, resources and networking needed to grow their business, organization and ultimately themselves. This year’s event features in-depth extended workshops on business, branding and marketing, a keynote presentation by former Harlem Globetrotter® Melvin Adams, a panel discussion with industry experts, and a LIVE! Q&A with conference attendees.

Social Entrepreneurship 101- Madison, United States (23 August 2017)

This highly interactive workshop will introduce you to the expanding and evolving field of social entrepreneurship. Explore the meaning of social entrepreneurship, examine businesses that are doing well and making a difference at the same time, and brainstorm potential social enterprise ideas of your own.

Social Entrepreneurship : A Path For Me? — Limerick, Ireland (7 July 2017)

seeking a way to solve a social problem that bothers you? wanting to find a way of contributing that suits you? thinking about doing a socially motivated start-up? finding yourself taking the lead in solving a social problem? or just wondering what social enterprises are all about… Then this is just for you!

News, Reports, Insights

Interview: How a Philosophy Degree Led to a Thriving Social Enterprise: Ryan Turnbull, founder and president at eco-ethonomics

Ryan is the founder and President of Eco-Ethonomics, a consulting firm specializing in applied ethics, social innovation and social impact. Ryan’s background in philosophy has played a major role in his life- everything from the way he thinks to the business he operates. We’re inspired by his focus on creating an ethical economy and his dedication to helping others.

Social Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Convincing Investors They’re Not Too Risky

A recent report underscores something that keeps cropping up in the world of social enterprise: Early-stage companies have a hard time finding impact investors, who regard many such startups as too risky.

6 reasons all businesses should be social enterprises — How to do better good!!

All businesses do good, but may not build it into their brand, or delivery. Come on. Let’s do it. Embrace your social and do better good!! There is a new generation of businesses that place their social goals at the front of the business. These organisations are doing better at connecting with customers and giving people a reason to buy from them.

How Chicago Is Quickly Becoming the Social Entrepreneurship Capital of the U.S

One of the most underestimated entrepreneurship hubs in the United States is, without question, Chicago. It gets some love here and there, and has definitely risen in the ranks (both nationally and globally) over the past few years, but in general it is still very much a “best kept secret.” There is a whole lot more going on here than most people outside the city realize. It’s not until you step within the entrepreneurship scene here that you realize the Midwest has a lot to offer.

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“For social activists, good listening begins the process of equalizing power.” — Jonathan C. Lewis