This Week in Social Entrepreneurship: Events, Opportunities, Challenges, News and More!

28 August 2017

Events & Opportunities:

Pitch For Good 2017 — Parramatta, Australia

Do you have an idea to change the #Parramatta #community? #PitchforGood can help make it happen! Applications must be received by midnight September 4

ASEAN Impact Challenge 2017

A regional programme designed to discover innovators from Southeast Asia who are accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through cross-sector partnerships and disruptive innovations. The Challenge presents opportunities to identify and strengthen new innovations and to achieve select outcomes around the SDGs.

Jolkona Catalyst: Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program 2017–2018

Application Deadline: Deadline has been extended to August 31, 2017! Jolkona is now accepting applications from citizens from a number of countries see the list on their site. They are actively looking for opportunities to expand the list of countries they work with.

The Roddenberry Fellowship 2017

The inaugural Roddenberry Fellowship is a call to action. It’s a vision for the US, and in an era of conflict, it’s a way forward. They are on the look out for 20 activists, leaders, advocates, and change makers whose work has the greatest potential to protect the most vulnerable and make the US a more equitable and inclusive place to live.

Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition — Melbourne, Australia

The Early Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition is going to be held as part of the Ethical Enterprise Conference 2017, on 16th and 17th of October in Melbourne, VIC.

I Have an Idea! (Now What…?) Bootcamp — (Toronto, Canada — 20 Oct)

What does it really take to be an entrepreneur? Find the answer to “I don’t know what I don’t’ know” with this one day workshop to create and maintain a sustainable business! If you have a business and are stuck or thinking of a business and don’t know where to start, this Bootcamp is for you!

Opening up to an era of social innovation conference — Lisbon, Portugal

The conference aims to boost social innovation in Europe because social innovation is a good, cost-effective way to advance inclusive and wealth-creating public policies, by developing a new narrative and giving this new narrative the means to take root, grow, blossom and bear fruit. 27–28 November in Lisbon, Portugal.

Social Enterprise Exchange — Accelerate Workshop, UK

Social Enterprise Exchange is a new initiative providing a comprehensive programme of support to social enterprises across the Sheffield City Region to promote social entrepreneurship and contribute toward job creation, growth and social inclusion.

How to start your own social enterprise — Podcast

Learn how to start your own social enterprise, with StartSomeGood’s founder Tom Dawkins. #podcast #socent

News Reports & Insights:

Social enterprises evolving to customers’ needs

Social enterprises shun sob stories, focus on developing products. Read about Mr Jonathan Chang, executive director of the Lien Centre for Social Innovation, has simple advice for social enterprises — sob stories are not a business model.

Beantown’s Social Enterprise Ecosystem Comes In On Top

Boston-area social entrepreneurs, you’re in luck. You’re situated in the best ecosystem for social enterprise in the U.S. Also, entrepreneurs in some cities suspect that potential investors don’t really understand what a social venture is.

Social enterprise development

The 1st National Social Business Roundtable Summit 2017 convened by the Benito and Catalina Yap Foundation (BCYF) at the Enderun Colleges last Wednesday brought together representatives of cooperatives, chambers of commerce, business groups, social entrepreneurs, fair trade, micro finance, lawmakers, etc., to discuss how social entrepreneurs have contributed to the Philippine economy and how social enterprises could be developed further.

Surge in social entrepreneurship

While the sector is still in its infancy, the numbers point to growing social consciousness among consumers, said raiSE chief executive Alfie Othman. “The social mission of these social enterprises is often what sets them apart from other businesses and contributes to customer acquisition and retention,” he said.