What on Earth is a Virtual Summit Anyway? The #StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit.

The #StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit has been put together to give you the tools you need to create change by gathering thought leaders in social change to share their journeys and practical tips.

There will be two or three sessions per day from the 19th-31st of March ranging from 30 minutes to an hour long. Keep your eyes out for the full program soon, so you can choose the sessions you’re interested in and lock them in your calendar!

What is a Virtual Summit and Why They are Awesome

A virtual summit is an online conference, usually designed for interviews with speakers and experts — think tuning into a unique, intimate Zoom call from the privacy and comfort of your home or office (that’s right, you can wear your pjs and no one would be the wiser!).

Ever heard a stellar quote at a conference but forgot to write it down and now wish you could turn back time? With a virtual summit, you can! Okay, maybe you can’t turn back time, but you can rewatch it to your heart’s desire.

Why is #StartingGood a Virtual Summit?

Being a virtual summit means we can provide access to the wisdom and expertise of our speakers, who are leaders and doers in the social innovation space, to anyone in the world regardless of background or location.

Being a changemaker is not discriminatory of age, location, wealth and status, so neither should the accessibility to the tools you need.

The #StartingGood Virtual Summit speaker and Godfather of Social Business, Muhammad Yunus, believes that ‘everyone is entrepreneurial’ and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we want to provide the information, support and inspiration unbiased of where you are and who you are.

We’ve received dozens of heartwarming emails from people all corners of the world — Serbia, Thailand, rural Australia, Canada and India — who are sharing their journeys with us and we couldn’t be more grateful and excited to stand alongside and support these amazing individuals:

“This summit seems to be just what I need!”

“I often feel powerless in the face of overwhelming need and injustice. I’m looking forward to hearing how everyday people started their journey of making positive change and how this can grow from a (small & confusing) space to something more intentional.”

As the Summit draws nearer and we get more and more busy making sure this Summit is the most empowering and actionable experience for each of our participants, it’s messages like these, from all over the world that keep us going.

And look we get it, starting a social enterprise or creating change on a social and environmental issue can feel like fighting a constant uphill battle — which is why we have designed this Summit just for you, to give you the support and tools you need to scale that mountain, and make it to the other side.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to join thousands of people from around the world, as we come together for the world’s largest online gathering of social innovators, to learn, collaborate, and create greater, more impactful and sustainable change.

Only a few weeks left now, so sign up now to join!